Learn CapturePoint

CapturePoint is a cloud-based app, custom-built for Xerox ConnectKey Devices that transforms data trapped in paper into editable information. The user-intuitive app can convert data from paper, fax, or scan to MS Word, Excel, and searchable PDF formats, in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese.

Why Your Customers Will Love CapturePoint

  1. Productivity for your customer’s office – Using the intuitive touchscreen at any compatible Xerox ConnectKey device, users can securely scan and convert paper to searchable Microsoft Word, Excel or PDF files, in English, French and 4 other languages. With one easy subscription, your entire office can enjoy the benefit of CapturePoint and enable knowledge workers to transfer information once trapped in paper to editable digital content.
  2. Simple to deploy – CapturePoint features server-less deployment. The CapturePoint application can be setup in minutes. There is no server to purchase, software to configure and on-going system maintenance to worry about.
  3. Easy to Use – The user interface is clean, simple and intuitive. Just like most smart phone apps, users will be able to use the solution without the need of a manual or training.
  4. Cost Effective – For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day, your client can subscribe to CapturePoint services. CapturePoint is available in 2 convenient packages – CapturePoint XAG and CapturePoint MPS. Visit our sell section for more information.
  5. Very, Very Secure – CapturePoint encrypts all data communications between the Xerox ConnectKey device and our cloud platform using SSL technology to offer complete security and peace of mind, even to the most discerning IT security professional. CapturePoint is deployed inside the Microsoft Global Azure cloud platform.
  6. Global Presence – CapturePoint is available anywhere on the globe and can be downloaded easily from Xerox App Gallery. You can download and try the app free for 30 pages.

Features & Benefits of the CapturePoint App

  1. Document Conversion Your customer can easily digitize data trapped in paper by scanning document and converting it into editable file formats like Microsoft Word, Excel or secure format like PDF. This will eliminate the need for a user to re-type the complete document. Average cost to manually re-type a document is approximately $5 – $10 per page.
  2. Scan to Document Repository – Many customers, need to scan documents into their document repositories such as Dropbox, SharePoint or Xerox DocuShare. CapturePoint provides easy capture and conversion of paper document into these document repositories using the Xerox ConnectKey device’s scanning function, which saves time and money.
  3. Scan to Fax – CapturePoint provides ad-hoc outbound faxing, without the need of a fax card or fax line at the device. Your customers can save from expending on fax lines ($15 – $35 per month) and eliminate using dated fax machines.

Bringing Value with CapturePoint

Our cloud-based app, transforms data trapped in paper into editable information. By partnering with us, learn how to become a trusted advisor, gain a higher margin, and differentiate yourself from your competition.

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